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Your Environment

Your company is a supplier to the automotive industry and is confronted with frequently changing standards and requirements regarding print quality, adhesion and flexibility. Your customers expect inexpensive just-in-time delivery and full traceability of all components.

Your Marking

Batch and serial number identification, logos and manufacturer numbers, 2D and bar codes, type numbers, check numbers and tolerance markings.

Your Products

Automotive parts such as pistons, brake disks, switches, catalytic converters, mufflers, airbags and parts made of different materials such as plastics, textiles, metal and ceramic.

Your Requirement
    • Permanent marking that withstands the oils and cleaning products
      of the automotive industry.
    • Heat-resistant marking
    • High-contrast print with clearly legible writing quality (raster)
    • Networking and integration

Our Solution
    • Cleaning agent and oil resistant inks
    • Colour-intensive inks with excellent adhesion properties for dark surfaces
    • UV-resistant and heat-resistant inks
    • Inks for slightly oily metals and nitrate-free inks for steel and tin printing
    • 2D and bar code software
    • Special software for your special requirement

Our products for your requirements

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