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Your Environment

Your company supplies customers with electronic parts and components for electronic equipment used in various fields. Your customers expect high flexibility, since the number of parts and the associated information required increase continuously. All this with continuously changing requirements regarding environmental regulations and production costs.

Your Marking

Bar codes and 2D codes, symbols, characters and logos, version, and type designations, batch or lot numbers, micro-codes.

Your Products

A wide variety of electrical and electronic components, printed circuit boards, switches, connectors, light bulbs, housings made of plastic, metal, glass or ceramics.

Your Requirement
    • Small, multi-line inscription and a variety of codes
    • Alcohol-resistant and cleaning resistant marking with a good contrast
    • Networking and integration

Our Solution
    • Small font printer and market-oriented accessories
    • 2D and bar codes
    • Halogen-free and environmentally friendly inks in different colours for different materials and alloys

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