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Your Environment

Your company manufactures a wide variety of materials on which information needs to be printed. Your customers expect punctual, fast and inexpensive, high-quality deliveries.

Your Marking

Any type of colour coding, symbols and logos, and other variable and flexible markings.

Your Products

All products made ​​of metal, plastic, textile, glass and paper.

Your Requirement
    • High speed of production
    • Very easy-to-read and light-fast printing in different colours
    • Very good adhesion and contrast
    • Very good writing quality (matrix) and smallest font sizes
    • Networking and integration
    • Positioned printing

Our Solution
    • High-speed printing on portal and axle systems
    • Wide range of inks for a wide spectrum of requirements (colour diversity, compliance with standards, environment) and for a wide range of materials
    • Special software for many different applications (e.g. as meter marking)
      in the industrial sector
    • Market-oriented accessories

Our products for your requirements

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