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Your Environment

Your company manufactures pipes and profiles in a highly competitive environment, with one or more extrusion lines possibly linked together in a network. Your customers expect punctual, fast and inexpensive, high-quality deliveries from you.

Your Marking

Manufacturer name, symbols & logos, batch or lot numbers, size designations, bar codes.

Your Products

Different coloured pipes and profiles made of PVC, PE, PA, rubber, silicone, aluminium, steel and other metals.

Your Requirement
    • Very easy-to-read, high-contrast, light-fast printing
    • Good adhesion of the pressure
    • Networking and integration

Our Solution
    • High-contrast, light-fast inks in a large colour range
    • Inks for a great variety of materials
    • Bar codes and 2D codes
    • Special software for diverse applications (e.g. error marking)
    • Market-oriented accessories

Our products for your requirements

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